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DoGo Athletic Advisors LLC is a college athletic recruiting consultancy aimed at empowering clients to leverage their athletic talents to find the best fit college. 

DoGo is made up of world-class athletes, coaches, and professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality college athletic recruiting services possible.

We recommend that all our clients first schedule a free consultation to go over where they're at in the recruiting process. We can then best advise on how to navigate our services.

Outdoors Meeting

FULL-TIME Client Package

As a full-time client, you will be aligned with a DoGo Advisor in your given sport. Once your advisor gets to know you and your goals/objectives, they will help you design a personalized action plan that will optimize your recruiting opportunities. This advisor is your dedicated guide who will help you step-by-step through the entire college athletic recruiting process.

All full-time clients also have access to the DoGo Partners and their services at a discounted rate as part of the package.

Full-Time Client Package includes:

  • Personal DoGo Advisor (College coach relationship building; College ID camp selection; College selection guidance; Recruiting profile guidance; Sport specific training regimen; and more)

  • Access to all DoGo Partners at a discount (Athletic Movement Analysis; Nutritional Planning; Injury Prevention; Sports Photography and Filming)

Fitness Equipments

Pay per Service

Each of our DoGo Partners offers unique services related to the college recruiting and training processes. Click below to view their profiles and book directly.

We also offer client sessions at an hourly rate if you have specific questions regarding the college athletic recruiting process. Click below to view profiles of our current DoGo Advisors.

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