Hank DeGroat

Founder | A Better Day Performance Studio

BA Philosophy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Licensed Massage Therapist

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

If you are an athlete who is Tired, Hurt, or Overwhelmed trying to juggle your team practices, individual skill work, strength training, conditioning, and off the field activities, then you want to connect with Coach DeGroat.


Coach DeGroat has spent the last 20 years helping athletes recover faster, train harder, and have more fun doing what they love, with world-class massage techniques and efficient training programs. His personalized programs will save you time, energy, reduce injury, and bring back the fun and passion that brought you to your sport.


Using his unique 21 Block organization system, Coach DeGroat will first help you identify the key areas needed to maximize your performance, then show you how to organize your weekly, monthly, and quarterly schedules to train efficiently and effectively.   


With Coach DeGroat you find someone with a holistic approach to solving your injury and programing problems:

  • You get an athletic development coach who knows how to help you move faster, more powerfully and efficiently. 

  • You get a licensed massage therapist who can fix sprained ankles, get tight necks to move with ease, and address every muscle and joint related pain in-between. 

  • Finally, as a stress management and life coach he is able to give you the tools to go from simply surviving to THRIVING, addressing diet, sleep, mindfulness, and more!  


“Coach DeGroat taught me how to be strong. He helped me build a solid foundation and gave me the tools to take my game to the next level.”

— George Niang, Utah Jazz

Hank DeGroat Services

Injury Treatment and Prevention

You want to reach out to Coach DeGroat if:

  • you have nagging injuries that are keeping you from being able to perform at your best.

  • feel overwhelmed with all the extra training sessions you are “supposed” to do.

  • know you need to eat better, but don’t know where to begin.

  • learn how to relax and be mindful on and off the field.  

  • you are tired of relying on cookie-cutter programs and ready to take ownership.

Click below to schedule a session with Coach DeGroat. Be sure to mention that you were sent from DoGo Athletics to receive your free 30 min consultation!